My mentor Keith Ng shared his claim experience with his client Simone in the recent advertorial on Sunday Straits Times last Sunday. Proof of what good planning can do on a rainy day. May Simone recover fully soon!

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Of a brave women who survived breast cancer

I had the privilege to hear the sharing from Theresa.  This lady looks really good and you wouldn’t be able to tell her real age! And she is a breast cancer survivor. I cringed at the details of how she went through her treatment and we wouldn’t have guessed how much pain she would have gone through.

Today she is fully recovered and is living her life to the fullest. A meaningful thing she did was to share her experience on the blog and to give support/advise to anyone whom needs it.

People who have a clean bill of health are probably not living a life as meaningful as hers. What are we waiting for!

Cervical Cancer Vaccination

Saw this line in a clinic this morning.

“In Singapore, an average of 7 women die of cervical cancer every month.”

I’m going to get my jab soon.

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News article: Chemo no more?

From iTODAY:Chemotherapy no more?

Dylan Loh | 09-Nov-2010 6:00 AM

SINGAPORE – Singapore scientists are a step closer to replacing chemotherapy as the main treatment for certain patients with leukaemia. They have found a combination of drugs that are effective in suppressing the cancer. This treatment may become routine in four years, if clinical trials starting next year prove successful.

Treating cancer via chemotherapy is painful, leading also to side effects such as severe vomiting and hair loss.

Cancer Science Institute of Singapore’s senior principal investigator, Associate Professor Chng Wee Joo, yesterday said: “We can use two types of oral-based treatment that are not chemotherapy to treat a subset of adult leukaemia patients that have a particular gene mutation in a gene called FLT3 and this could potentially, in the future, replace much more toxic chemotherapy.”

One in three leukaemia patients may benefit from this treatment.

The team also identified a gene, called PRL3, that can help determine whether patients are likely to benefit from the new treatment. A patient with less PRL3 is more likely to respond well.

The latest breakthrough was made possible by government research funding. The National Research Foundation has strongly pushed for scientific discoveries to be translated into practical applications. Although scientists in the republic may be good at doing research, commercialising the results of their work had been a separate matter.

The Permanent Secretary of National Research and Development in the Prime Minister’s Office, Mr Teo Ming Kian, said research funding was becoming much more competitive. Researchers would have to vie for those funding in areas that they think would make a difference to society.

He added: “So we want this contest, basically such that the best ideas, the best proposals are being funded.”

The Government will also look into building new facilities to support such development when needed. Dylan Loh

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Medical Check

As everyone advises, it’s good to do a yearly health check to make sure everything’s good.

But it’s always good to do it after you make sure that all you have done your annual insurance review before you do so. Of course, we’re talking about an apparently healthy individual who’s qualified to get into the program.

I’ve had some prospective clients who did a check and found some minor problems but ended up being excluded for certain conditions.

Just in case.

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Freak accident

Many people at first would think that an accident could be due to a car accident, for example.

An example of a freak accident of one of my clients. This client was trying to cut a block of ice-cream using the knife.

He was holding the handle with both hands, knife perpendicular to the ice-cream. Then, the hand slipped. And his last finger was unfortunately cut by the knife and the tendon was severed.

Luckily the tendon could be sewed back with a day surgery procedure. After a month of MC, finally he could return to work though still with his right hand bandaged.

Be careful when dealing with rock hard ice and equivalent!

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Latest claim H1N1

Handsome Little Matthew contracted H1N1 2 months back and I just did a claim for him. 2 days at a private hospital set his parents back about $1700 for 2 nights stay in the hospital. 

It was heartbreaking for parents to see their kids being ill no matter how minor it is. Just last year I did a claim Matthew for HFMD.  Both times it was contracted at daycare.

I’m glad he’s recovered back at school and very well now!